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Week 1: San Francisco

I started my journey off with a week in San Francisco and have been living it up with the Palmers who just moved to there. We are staying in a lovely apartment that's only a short stroll and a wee climb down to an edgy beach. It's also close to the super market which has GREAT fried chicken.

It's been awesome exploring the peaceful/foggy town, venturing into the city and going on bush walks in local national parks.

I have been enjoying shopping with Sharon and finding furniture for the apartment, I particularly liked IKEA. So many things! It's also been fun doing walks nearby, the Devils Slide had amazing views and we saw heaps of whales.

Our trip to the city involved walking around the busy streets of downtown, eating potstickers and green tea ice cream in China town, and catching a packed trolley round to Fishermans Warf. We later checked out the Painted Ladies near Haight-Ashbury and drove around at night watching the city lights.

The hike in Muir woods national park was lovely, the trees were super tall and everything was green and vibrant. Also saw cute chipmunks!

Coming to the end of my stay I went into the city solo. Had to bus, train, and trolley in. Turned out to be suprisingly efficient! Once in, I hired a bike for $24 and rode over to the Golden Gate Bridge. Driving across the bridge was crazy with all the people, wind and the mega size of it. We were so high up! It was nice exploring on the other side and the further you went, the fewer tourists were around which was mint. After that, I went to Ghirardelli chocolates and got a bunch of free stuff and an ice cream. I then managed to sneak a ride on one of the cable-carts (missing a huge queue and an expensive ticket) up to Lambert drive, a very wonky road with way too many tourists. And lastlasstop before traveling back with Bob was China town for pork buns and free wifi.